Who is AZGRC?

The Arizona Golden Retriever Connection is an all volunteer organization dedicated to finding safe, loving, and permanent homes for unwanted or abandoned Golden Retrievers. 

Golden Retrievers are the second most popular breed in the U.S. today.  Like many dogs, Goldens all too often find themselves homeless for a variety of reasons.  That’s where we come in.  We are committed to the rescue, foster, and placement of any needy Golden Retriever in the Phoenix metro area.  We strive to educate the community on the proper care and treatment of Golden Retrievers through various events and school programs.  We aim to participate in a variety of activities that help bring awareness and visibility to the many roles that Golden Retrievers play in the human circle.  To learn more, click here.     

*The Arizona Golden Retriever Connection is an all volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)3 charitable organization*

How do I adopt a Golden Retriever?

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If you are interested in adopting one of our rescued Golden Retrievers, we ask that you first fill out an application.  If and when you are approved, then you can let us know what kind of Golden you are interested in adopting, (age, sex, color, activity level,) and our adoption committee will pair you with one of our current rescued Goldens, or alert you as soon as the dog of your dreams enters our system.  Or, you are more than welcome to browse through our list of available goldens and tell us what dogs you’d like to meet based on their descriptions and pictures.   If you have any questions or comments, please email [email protected]

How much does it cost?

Our adoption fee’s are based on our Golden Retrievers ages.

Golden’s 0-4 years old       $300

Golden’s 5-8 years old       $250

Golden’s 9 and up             $200

*Adoption fee may be adjusted for very senior or special needs Goldens.* 

Where does my money go?

Every one of our rescued Goldens is given a complete health-check by one of our veterinary partners.  We do everything we can to make sure that our adoptable Goldens are in good health,  spayed or neutered, vaccinated, licensed, and micro-chipped.    Your adoption fee pays for these expenses.

Unfortunately, most Golden Retrievers are often abandoned due to health concerns.  Almost every Golden we rescue needs medical attention of some kind.  Your adoption fee’s and donations go directly to ensuring the health and well being of your adopted Golden, and every Golden we rescue.   To learn more, click here.

How long does the adoption process take?

As soon as we receive your application, a volunteer will try to contact you within 3 days to start the application process.  During the application process, a volunteer will enter all of your information into our system, and make special notes of any Golden needs or wants that you have, making sure your information is available to our adoption committee.   If you own, or have owned pets, a volunteer will be contacting your veterinarian as a reference.  We may also ask to visit your home to ensure that your adopted golden will be safe and secure.  As an all volunteer organization, we ask that you allow us 14 days to complete the entire application process.  In the meantime, please browse through our available goldens and start a list of any that you are interested in meeting.   For complete details, click here, or email [email protected]

How do I become a foster?

Fosters are the life-blood of this organization. We couldn’t rescue any of these beautiful Golden Retrievers if it weren’t for our foster homes.  Our fosters temporarily house our Goldens while we actively try to find each one a safe, loving, and permanent home.  If you are interested in becoming a foster, we ask that you fill out and send us a foster application.  A volunteer will try to contact you within 3 days of receipt of your application.   To learn everything there is to know about fostering, click here.  Or email us at [email protected]