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My name is Maggie, and I can’t stay where I am much longer. Will you please please please please consider fostering me while AZGRC looks for my next forever home? I just need a place to rest my head for a few weeks. Please think it over. Foster care is SO much better than jail. I don’t want to go to jail. Learn more about fostering here.

Hi there!   Well, I ‘spose I should start by introducin’ myself.  I’m Bailey.  And I’m just a good old boy.   The old stands more for old-fashioned, not old-geezer-bi-focal old.  I just beleive in taking things slow.  This “MTV” generation has the worst attention span I’ve ever seen.  Not me, if I see a bug that catches my eye, why – it catches my eye for a long while.  I’m also an old-fashioned lover.  I believe in long moonlit walks… ok, not TOO long.  And after we get to know each-other, I might just give you a big french-kiss.  But only after we’ve been courtin’ for a bit.  I take things slow.   But don’t let all this “old-fashioned” talk fool you –  I’ve still got lots of life left in me, it’s just buried under all this extra weight.   I’ll strike you a deal.  You help me loose a few pounds, and I’ll teach you how to stop and “smell the roses.”  Deal?

My name is Daisy… and I’m  as sweet as they come.  I’m just getting settled into my foster home, so check back soon, kay?

My name is Lucky!  I’m just getting settled into my foster home.  so as soon as I get all settled, I’ll be sure to write and tell you all about myself!  Check back soon!  

My name is Shadow.  You know that look?  Puppy dog eyes?   Ok, I have that look.  The biggest, saddest, droopiest eyes you’ve ever seen.  Some dogs don’t understand why I look so sad all the time – and you know what I say?   “Dude, I get anything I want!”   That’s right, I look so sad, my foster mom gives me ANYTHING.  I just give her my puppy dog eyes!  Besides, they match my personality… Not sad, but gentle and relaxed.  I’m just a gentle giant.  My foster mom calls me her little “horse.”  We snuggle on the couch together – and even though I take up a lot of space, she doesn’t seem to mind.   I like it when we lay around together.  It’s my favorite thing.  I’ve grown to like it so much that I won’t let foster mom do any chores.  I’m a little afraid of the vacuum and the lawn mower – but it’s all good, because it just means more snuggle time.   I have a problem with my shoulder that we’re sorting out, but that just means more time laying on the couch.  My favorite spot.

Hi Everyone!   I’m Claire!   The honor roll student.   I’m one of the smartest dogs you’ll ever know.  Put a pair of glasses on me and I look just like Albert Einstein.  I think It’s the hair.  He was pretty hairy for a human.   But since most of my exercise is “mental” exercise, I’ve gained a little weight.  Sitting down and hitting the books has given me a bit of a belly, but I’m all for changing that.  I love to run and play with my foster brother – even if I do get tuckered out pretty quick.  I just drink a couple of gallons of water and I’m ready to go again.   And just like most honor roll students, I have pretty good manners too.  I’m really friendly with strangers, and great in the car, and I don’t jump… ok, I’m still to heavy to jump – so that’s not fair.  But you get the idea.  I’m just a gentle girl, looking for someone to give me a good book and a warm spot.  

Hey.  I’m Riley.  Some people have dreams of becoming big time tennis stars who get to marry (and then divorce,) Brook Shields…  Not me, I want to be the tennis “ball boy.”  I’d be the bestest, fastest tennis ball-boy ever.  And I could work in LOTS of matches, one after another.  I might be able to get you into Wimbledon, if you practice with me.  I am a good learner and a real hard worker.  And when I work really hard, I get REAL thirsty.   So thirsty I stick my whole head in the bowl.  Somehow I think it’ll help me quench my thirst faster – but it usually just makes a mess, and makes my foster mom laugh.  I’m telling you, I’m your key to fame.  We could totally make it to the big time.  I’ll introduce you to Brook.  *wink*

Hello, my name is Gerty.  Short for Queen Gertrude.  OK, I just made that up.  I don’t know if there is any royalty in my blood – but it never hurts to play the part!   I do like to be pampered, petted, and spoiled-rotten.  I suppose I’m going to have to lay off the treats   I’ve always been pleasantly plump, but the doc said it was time to slim down.  So, I guess that means you’ll just have to spoil me in other ways!   We could go for walks, and maybe brush our hair, and then maybe we could sit together by the pool eating celery and rice-cakes.   That actually sound pretty good, except the celery and rice-cake part.   Blecch!   I really will be a good friend.  Easy, relaxed, and just happy to have a home. 

HI!!  My name is Grady!  Wanna know a secret?  I’m perfect.  Just perfect.  You couldn’t ask for a better pal.  I love to hug you and squeeze you and love you…  I love car rides, playing with other dogs, snuggling during nap time, playing in the pool..  Oh, I just love life!   And what’s not to love?  Did you know they make toys that squeak?   Who thought of THAT?   That’s the coolest!  And balls?  Wow, they’re fun!  Ropes?  You have ropes?  I’ll find them!   I just wake up every day loving life.  I think part of that is because I have Valley Fever and hip dysplasia, and when you go through tough times, you really appreciate every day more.  You start to live day by day, you know?   Come see me.   Come see what this beautiful day has in store for us.   

I’m Ruby!  I’m getting all settled into my foster home, and my foster mom keeps saying, “Write your bio!”   But, you know, I sit down to write  – and I get terrible writers block.  It’s just the big white piece of paper stares at me.  I can’t even think where to start.   Maybe I should just take another quick break, just to get my creative juices flowing.  Come back soon – I promise to come up with something good.

Hi!  I’m Bubba.  Boy is this exciting!  A brand new life!  I’m still unpacking my bags and getting settled, so as soon as I put my toothbrush and socks away, I’ll come back to tell you more about myself!   Talk to you soon!

Murphy’s my name and playing’s my game. I love to play. I also like everything and everyone! A stranger is just a friend I haven’t met yet!  I love to be around people.  Why?  Because I love to be petted and cuddled. Mmmm, you can probably tell that I’m a little on the hyper side – but that’s mostly because no one ever played with me before!  This is all so new and cool – I’m just soaking it all in!  I could use a little guidance, and some more training – but I’ll catch on, I promise. It’ll just take a tiny bit of patience – just like most puppies.  My dream home?  I’d have another dog to play with!  And lots of humans to pet and play with me!  I’m ready!  Let’s go! 

Hi! My name is Lucy!  Just like Lucille Ball, I’m a fiery red-head!  Full of… full… well, full of something..  I’m curious, spunky, and I’ve got loads of energy.  I like to play ball the best, but will do anything you tell me to.   I’m still growing – so I’m full of yummy puppy playfulness.  Gosh, we’re sure to have a good time.  You know what else, I could use a good side-kick.  Someone like Ethel, who I could boss around and get into trouble with.   I mean… explore with.   Come out and play with me today!   I’m dying to meet you!