Unfortunately most pets, including Golden Retrievers, are often abandoned due to health concerns.  Almost every Golden we rescue needs medical attention of some kind – whether it’s vaccinations, a spay or neuter, tick or valley fever medicine, cancer removal, or more. Your charitable donations go directly to ensuring the health and well being of every Golden we rescue.

Here are some examples of how your donations help.  

1 yr. female
Dislocated Hind Hip
Ruptured Knee Ligaments
Broken Jaw
Split Tongue

estimated medical costs:  $3,000.00               funds raised: $2170

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As Seen On KTVK-TV, NewsChannel 3!          Read Bee’s Journal

Bee was the victim of a hit-and-run Monday January 24th in Mesa.  12 hours after the accident, a good Samaritan found her on the side of the road, hurt, bleeding, left for dead. Immediately she was taken to the Emergency Animal Clinic in Gilbert.    Deb Rising, the Veterinary Care Coordinator from Rescue a Golden met her at the clinic, and brought her down to “Four Legged Friends Animal Hospital,” one of our rescue vet partners.  That’s when we first saw her.  In pain and unable to move – the IV drip keeping her alive.  Her tongue cut in half, and her jaw broken.  Her left hind leg ripped from its socket and her knee twisted and gnarled.   It was too early to know the extent of the damage, or if she’d be able to keep her leg, but we couldn’t walk away.  We all saw something in this little girl worth saving, so AZGRC agreed to take financial responsibility and help save her life.

We called her Bee,  Legend says that a Honey Bee’s body is too big for its wings, and shouldn’t be able to fly.  Each and every day, the honey bee performs a miracle and beats the odds – and so has our little “Bee.” 

The very next day, Bee went into surgery.  Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Brooks were able to repair her jaw so she’d be able to eat again, although nothing solid for quite some time.  They also positioned her hip back into place and detangled her knee.  Bee did very well and started her recovery that very afternoon. 

On Thursday of that week, she arrived at her new foster home – where she is being nursed back to health and will one day, be adopted to a new forever home.   We don’t know much about Bee’s past, but we are going to do everything we can to make sure that her future is full of love and joy.  She’s our miracle and miracles don’t happen every day… well, unless you’re a Bee.  

If you can help with Bee’s medical costs, estimated at $3000.00, please donate either online using pay-pal, or send checks or money orders to AZGRC: PO Box 26678, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

8 yr. male

Medical Costs:  $1,000.000

My name is Hunter.  While I was enjoying some quality “cuddle” time with my foster-mom, she found 2 suspicious lumps in my shoulder.  Everyone’s worst fears came true with the biopsy.  I had cancer.  In surgery they removed 6 lumps!  Now, 2 surgeries later, I am cancer free!  Please help AZGRC with my medical bills.  Thanks to them, looks like I’ll be around for a lot longer now!

9 mo. male
Tick Fever
Yeast Infection
Eye Infection

Medical Costs:  $600.000

I’m Nugget and I really needed some TLC.  When I was rescued I was only 9 months old. I was underweight, covered in ticks, had a yeast infection, and my eyes were so swollen and full of pus that I was practically blind.  The volunteers at AZGRC took me straight to the vet where they found I had Tick-Fever.  Now, after 6 weeks of medication, I’m cured!  Thanks to them, I can see my future, and it sure looks bright!